Workshop Program

The ANRW ’21 will co-locate with the IETF-111 meeting, on July 26-30, 2021.

Slack Channel

If you would like to meet with other attendees, the SIGCOMM Community Slack space has a channel dedicated to ANRW 2021 (#anrw2021). The SIGCOMM Community Slack was created specifically for the purpose of facilitating online interaction during virtual conferences. To join the SIGCOMM Community Slack, use this invitation link and follow the instructions.


Times are given in UTC.

Time Session Session Chair
July 26, 2021

Welcome and Opening Remarks

Andra Lutu and Nick Feamster


July 26, 2021

New Internet Protocols

Adaptive Cheapest Path First Scheduling in a Transport-Layer Multi-Path Tunnel Context
Marcus Pieska, Anna Brunstromm Andreas Kassler, Markus Amend, and Alexander Rabitsch.

Leveraging the 0-RTT Convert Protocol to improve Wi-Fi/Cellular convergence
Matthieu Baerts, Nicolas Keukeleire, and Olivier Bonaventure.

Cooperative Performance Enhancement Using QUIC Tunneling in 5G Cellular Networks
Zsolt Krämer, Mirja Kühlewind, Marcus Ihlar, and Attila Mihály

Anna Brunstrom

July 26, 2021

Practical Congestion Control

CCID5: An implementation of the BBR Congestion Control algorithm for DCCP and its impact over multi-path scenarios
Nathalie Romo Moreno, Markus Amend, Anna Brunstrom, Andreas Kassler, and Veselin Rakocevic

Toward Greater Scavenger Congestion Control Deployment: Implementations and Interfaces
Tong Meng, Christopher Cai, Brighten Godfrey, and Michael Schapira

Theresa Enghardt

July 27, 2021

Interconnection and Routing

Hunting BGP Zombies in the Wild
Porapat Ongkanchana, Romain Fontugne, Hiroshi Esaki, Job Snijders, and Emile Aben

Meta-Peering: Towards Automated ISP Peer Selection
Prasun Kanti Dey, Shahzeb Mustafa, and Murat Yuksel

Amreesh Phokeer

July 27, 2021

Monitoring Internet Traffic

Towards Cross-Layer Telemetry
Justin Iurman, Frank Brockners, and Benoit Donnet

Detecting Consumer IoT Devices Through the Lens of an ISP
Said Jawad Saidi, Anna Maria Mandalari, Hamed Haddadi, Daniel J. Dubois, David Choffnes, Georgios Smaragdakis, and Anja Feldmann

On the Evolution of Internet Flow Characteristics
Simon Bauer, Benedikt Jaeger, Fabian Helfert, Philipe Barias, and Georg Carle

Edmundo de Souza e Silva

July 28, 2021

DNS and Privacy

Institutional Privacy Risks in Sharing DNS Data
Basileal Imana, Aleksandra Korolova, and John Heidemann

DNS over TCP Considered Vulnerable
Tianxiang Dai, Haya Shulman, and Michael Waidner

Nick Feamster

July 28, 2021

Applications and Specifications

Tools for Disambiguating RFCs
Jane Yen, Ramesh Govindan, and Barath Raghavan

Andra Lutu


Proceedings of the Applied Networking Research Workshop 2021 will be available from the ACM Digital Library from 24 July 2021.

Recordings of the workshop, including Q&A, are available on the IETF channel on YouTube.